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Is space limited for a vegetable garden at your house? If so, wide-row gardening may be a practical solution. It is a way to produce an abundant quantity of vegetables in limited space. Wide-row gardening means grouping several rows together, rather than planting in single rows. This reduces the amount of walking room between rows.

  • Planting a Vegetable Garden
  • Vegetable Garden Layout – Rows, Square Foot Or Wild?
  • How to Garden Using Wide-Row Planting
  • Have you tried wide row gardening?
  • Wide Row Planting
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Square Foot Gardening
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Planting a Vegetable Garden

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Vegetable Garden Layout – Rows, Square Foot Or Wild?

You could be growing a lot more, without any extra effort, using square foot gardening. Do not worry though, ambitious gardener. Already understand plant spacing and just want to reference our plant spacing chart? Scroll to the bottom of this page. Need a planting spacing grid? When you grow a garden in a raised garden bed, the purpose of the bed is to condense your growing area to a point that you can reach all plants, without having to step into the growing area. Planting by area means taking a square section of garden, and dividing the length and width of that section by the plant spacing needs.

My wife talked me into planting in 4' wide rows this year and I here to tell you it has changed way of gardening forever.

How to Garden Using Wide-Row Planting

A wide garden row is ideal for growing leaf and small root crops. For easy planting and maintenance grow lettuce, spinach, radishes, and carrots in rows the width of a standard inch bow rake. A wide row also can be used for medium-sized crops such as cabbages, bush beans, and eggplants grown two across. Wide rows are ideal for very small-seeded vegetables—seeds that are more easily broadcast than sown tiny seed by tiny seed. Unlike single rows, wide rows allow for a greater harvest from less space. While plants may not grow in a series of straight rows with workspace on each side for the gardener, wide rows—about the width of your arm—will allow for intensive planting. Intensive planting or cropping places multiple crops in the same bed; you can grow more crops in one bed saving on space and labor and increasing yield.Allow a traditional furrow on either side for deep watering—a wide row is ideal for overhead irrigation as you might water lettuce or spinach. If your wide row is just 4 to 6 inches taller than the surrounding area, the soil will warm quicker in spring, hold solar heat throughout the season, and be well drained. These are ideal conditions for vegetable growing.

Have you tried wide row gardening?

One of the most important things to consider when growing carrots and other root vegetables is the condition of your soil. Follow these guidelines to ensure a healthy carrot harvest:. Help: Not finding your specific flower variety? Try searching for it online!

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Wide Row Planting

Row gardens were the normal way to grow vegetables for generations of American gardeners, but have fallen out of favor in recent years, to be replaced with intensive beds. The reason for this has nothing to do with the inferiority of row gardening, but is linked to the way people now live. They tend to have smaller gardens and a few raised beds fits in better than a large row garden. A row garden has a path between each row of plants, which would appear to make it less efficient in terms of space used bed gardeners claim this is the case. This means each plant has a greater volume of soil to obtain water and nutrients from and there is much less competition from neighbors. There may be some compaction from walking between the rows, but it will be spread out and generally light.

Your Ultimate Guide to Square Foot Gardening

Bryant RedHawk wrote: Lots of our vegie crops are planted between the orchard trees, in bales, which last us two years before they are replaced and become the new mulch layer. Forum: gardening for beginners. Row width and spacing. Jayden Thompson. Optional 'thank-you' note:. Howdy ya'll, I'm about to start setting up a brand new garden on my new land of 12 acres.

But there are many vegetable crops that can be planted much closer together, perhaps in a wide row, 12 to 18” wide or in multiple rows, 3 to 10”.

Episode 5 of the course Advanced gardening by Alice Morgan. Today marks the halfway point in our course. Wide row gardening is a good way to organize your garden to make it more efficient and increase its yield.

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April 1,A dairy-farming acquaintance of mine once commented disparagingly about the size of a new neighbor's kitchen garden: ''He'll never grow anything worth a dime on a plot as small as that,'' he said. At the time I had to wonder what he would think of my even-smaller plot in suburban Boston. The farmer in question has a large garden - maybe a quarter of an acre - which each year produces most of his family's vegetable needs.

By growing vegetables the new, wide-row way, you can expect your garden to yield 2 to 3 times more than the conventional, single row way — in the same amount of space! Make your walkways wide enough for working and cultivating.

This week, a gardener wanted to know how far apart to space her garden rows. The short answer is: it depends. Row spacing in raised bed gardens is often closer than in traditional plowed gardens. Because raised bed gardens are usually maintained without machinery, rows can be closer. For plowed garden plots, row spacing is often determined by the width of your rotary tiller. For most tillers, rows should be at least 36 inches wide.

Most gardeners are familiar with the concept of single row or square foot gardening, but not all are familiar with double row gardening. Double rows are basically two single rows pulled together and separated by only four to five inches. So your garden layout would look something like: Row 1, 6 inch space, Row 2, 3 foot space, Row 3, 6 inch space, Row 4, 3 foot space, etc.

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