How to keep tropicacl plants healthy indoors

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Most sun loving tropical plants have similar requirements during the late fall and winter months. They should all be brought inside before the temperature gets too cold from them. A frost could easy kill a tropical plant. Many of these plants would benefit from pruning at this time. Not only does pruning lessen the chance of insects remaining on the plant, it will improve your plants shape and density, as well as making smaller, therefore easier to keep in your home. For specific pruning methods, see our Pruning Your Tropical Plants guide.

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  • How to take care of house plants and tropical plants during winter?
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Indoor Plants Temperature Guide

For many house plants , the decreasing light levels in late autumn are a cue to enter a dormant phase, in preparation for making it through a potentially tough winter ahead. If you continue to water and feed them as you do in summer, this will encourage them to keep on growing, putting them under strain and leading to weak, spindly growth. For most house plants, reduce watering to once every fortnight.

For succulents , only water every two to three weeks, and for cacti , stop watering entirely.The exception is winter-flowering plants, such as Christmas cacti and poinsettias , which need watering whenever the compost feels dry. Ideally, move them into a sunny conservatory or porch, so they get light from several directions. Indoor plants, such as snake plants , often accumulate a thick layer of household dust on their leaves. This reduces the amount of light that can reach the leaf surface, making it harder for them to manufacture food.

Wipe off dust regularly using a damp cloth, or stand the plant in a luke-warm shower for five minutes. Leaf-cleaning products are available, but are only suitable for use on certain plants. They dislike large temperature fluctuations, so position them away from cold draughts and open windows or doors.

Alternatively, move plants off the windowsill at night. Also keep plants away from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces, which can scorch delicate foliage. A nice cosy house provides the perfect environment for many plant pests like aphids , scale insects , thrips and mealybugs to thrive and breed over the winter.

Inspect all your plants thoroughly for pests now, looking under the leaves and as well as on top. Keep inspecting your plants regularly throughout the winter. Enjoy a succession of uplifting, cheery white blooms from February to June against rich, evergreen foliage from varieties 'Joe', 'Early Sensation' and 'Pixie'.

Delivering self-care in a unique monthly box, filled each month with a plant and pot, plus a selection of wellness products, plus premium SmartPlant app membership.

Cancel or pause at any time. Roses 'Bonica' and 'Kent' will bear sumptuously-scented blooms throughout summer into autumn, ideal for filling beds and borders with fragrance and colour.

Home Plants Winter care for house plants. A nice cosy house provides the perfect environment for many plant pests. Showering the soil of a potted geranium with a rose-head watering can. Moving a potted plant.Cleaning a houseplant leaf with cotton wool soaked in a cleaning product. Measuring temperature with a digital thermometer. Aphids on a cape primrose stem. Subscribe now. Buy now for spring flowers. Evergreen clematis trio. Buy now for months of colour.

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How to take care of house plants and tropical plants during winter?

There are a lot of ways to kill a plant. Thankfully, we have five helpful and trending tips from Pinterest to keep your plants alive. And if you do need some replacements, here are our favorite places to buy plants online. Your soil needs proper drainage in order not to drown or rot the plant's roots.

Order House Plants - Indoor Plants online ✓ Large assortment of over plants ✓ Courier delivery within days ✓ Proven quality with grow guarantee.

House Plants - Indoor Plants

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. For the seasoned gardener or house plant fanatic, keeping house plants alive and thriving might be second nature, but is by no means a great secret! Light, water and humidity, proper soil, fertilization, an occasional cleaning, simple pruning and knowing your insects are the keys. Light The level of light plays a major role in the decision making process of what plants should be purchased. A bright window with some direct sunlight is ideal. Unfortunately, many of us don't have this ideal location to be able to grow sun-loving types of plants. If this is your scenario, there are many plants to choose from that thrive in lower light.

How to Grow and Take Care of Indoor Plants

Learn how to water your indoor plants. This is just about the longest page on my website.The reason is that watering your indoor plants and placing them in good light are the most important things you need to learn about indoor plant care. Do you want really good looking healthy indoor plants? These two things will make the biggest difference in the results you get with your indoor plants.

Finding out which tropical plants are the easiest to grow indoors might seem too much of a task to take on for many people.

The Easiest Tropical Plants to Grow Indoors

You might wonder what winter looks like when it comes to taking care of house plants. It might seem obvious that they need less water for example, but what can you do to optimize the health of your house plants during colder seasons? Some house plants are originally used to tropical conditions, so some extra care might be needed these days. We will help you out with some tips and tricks to take care of your tropical house plants during winter! The amount of light that your plants receive during winter depends on the position of your house. Some south-facing windows can provided enough light for your plants, but if your windows are more north-facing, you may need to move your plants closer to the windows or lighter areas of your house.

18 Tall Indoor Floor Plants to Make a Statement

Are you wondering how to care for your tropical and non-hardy plants this winter? When temperatures are lower than 50 degrees consistently, it is the time to bring your plants indoors. You want to bring them indoors before the weather turns too cold. And, always keep an eye open for an early frost. The first thing to do if it is possible is to move your tropical or non-hardy plants into a shady location outside and leave them there for 10 days to 2 weeks. By the way, during this time, do be aware of possible cold temperatures and even frosts, where your plants will need extra protection! Move your tropical plant indoors to a well-lit area indoors, and away from heat vents and cold drafts.

To keep a Boston fern healthy and happy, water it often enough so the soil is always moist, and make sure it gets a lot of indirect sunlight.

Plants that grow in water: A no-fuss, mess-free technique for growing houseplants

Happy DIY Home. Growing tropical plants like birds of paradise is a wonderful way to introduce a little exotic flair and beautiful colors into your home. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate. Some people love tropical plants for their brilliant colors, but other people have them because they have large, variegated or unusually patterned foliage that is very eye-catching.

How to Keep Your Plants Alive While You’re on Vacation

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Bon voyage! Still, you can't forget about your plant babies when you leave town! It's a major reason we love them! Just a few pots? Try the same trick in the kitchen sink.

Nothing adds more beauty and comfort to our homes and offices than the lush flowers and foliage of indoor plants. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, cubicles

When it comes to tropical plant care, it can be disheartening to believe that these exotic plants only thrive in warmer environments. To provide your plants with an ideal indoor space, however, you need to put in a little more effort to keep them happy. Below are some of our best tips for providing your tropical plant with ideal conditions that will keep it healthy and happy all year long. One of the best tips for saving your tropical plant all year long is to move it to a sunny location indoors. If you have a south-facing window in your home that provides an abundance of light, your tropical plant will likely feel right at home. Most tropical plants require ample sunlight during the day to keep their leaves lush and green and their flowers if they have any blooming. Alternatively, if you bring a tropical plant indoors for the winter, you may need to monitor your plant during the transition.

Foliage Plants are like adding a breath of fresh air to a room and in fact that is exactly what they do - increase the amount of oxygen in a room. Light is the most important element in successfully growing a houseplant. Without adequate light a plant cannot produce the food it needs to survive.


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