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We are an online fruit tree nursery with a range of over deciduous fruit and nut trees and berry plants, that we grow in Victoria and send to most places in Australia. We grow the best of both heritage and modern varieties of fruit trees. Our trees suit every backyard, people wanting to start an orchard — small or large. We offer a number of dwarfing and semi dwarfing fruit trees, suitable for people with smaller backyards, or tighter spaces. These trees will grow between 1. An excellent choice for a smaller backyard, courtyard or potted situations.

  • How to grow fruiting plants in pots
  • Top ten easy to grow fruit trees and plants
  • Healthy Fruit Trees
  • When to plant fruit trees in Australia
  • Ten fruit trees for small gardens
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  • Fast Growing Fruit Trees – In India
  • Fruit Trees Sydney
  • The Food Forest
  • The Essential List of Fruit Trees for Brisbane Backyards
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How to grow fruiting plants in pots

We deliver to the Perth metro area and mail selected items Australia wide. Over the last few years Perth has seen a revolution in fruit trees as an increasing number of citrus, stone fruits and pome fruits have been bred to be compact.

The trend is of course to support our move to bigger houses on smaller blocks which leaves little space for a home orchard and while they can be grown in the ground they make attractive and productive pot specimens.These small trees are becoming increasingly popular in Perth and throughout WA, even in bigger gardens, because their crop is easy to pick, sprays can be more easily applied and fruit fly netting, or fruit bags are easily applied to compact trees.

What makes them really special is that it is only the trees that are small as they all have full sized fruits and the same flowers and foliage as the original trees. Multi grafted trees different varieties of the same fruit are also available but need careful pruning to stop one variety taking over. Dwarf citrus are grafted onto dwarfing understock and grow to about half the normal size of normal citrus. They still have sweet scented flowers and full sized fruits and are perfect for pots.

Fruiting dwarf prunus include plums, nectarines, peaches and apricots and pome fruits include apples and pears available in sizes ranging from 80cm to 3. Check with the nursery for the best ones as only low or medium chill varieties grow well in Perth and warm coastal areas.

The heat tolerance of varieties is determined by how many hours of cool weather they need which is measured in chill units. Apples need between to chill units, depending on the variety. One hour of 6 degree Celsius is counted as one chill unit. However, too much time above this temperature can negate the cooling effects of low temperatures.

They have delicious, white fleshed fruit and attractive red tinged foliage that turns yellow in autumn. These nectarines and peaches are self fertile — so you just need one to get fruit but most deciduous fruit trees are more prolific bearers with a second tree. Trees need to flower at the same time for cross pollination to occur so ask your nursery to recommend those that go together as it is usual to plant two different varieties.

The tree is so prolific it can produce between 40 and 50 kilos per tree and is grown commercially.By Deryn Thorpe Over the last few years Perth has seen a revolution in fruit trees as an increasing number of citrus, stone fruits and pome fruits have been bred to be compact.

Why not try growing some Dwarf Fruit trees for yourself? Shop Dwarf Fruit Trees.

Top ten easy to grow fruit trees and plants

Fruit trees are the centrepieces, the framework, of the food forest. You can further stack the system out with a variety of other food and support plants at different heights. The following diagram from Edible Forest Gardens by Dave Jacke and gives an example of how in a food forest, trees and understory plants are combined to use different spaces both below and above ground. Above is a photo of a lovely food forest, planted on bare earth less than two years before the photo, which is now producing fruit, herbs and edible ground covers.

We grow the best of both heritage and modern varieties of fruit trees. Our trees suit every backyard, people wanting to start an orchard – small.

Healthy Fruit Trees

Few things in this life give as much satisfaction as picking a beautiful, juicy piece of fruit from your own orchard and there are few places on the planet which offer better growing conditions for fruit and nut trees than Southern Australia. Our cool, wet winter cleanses the soil of built-up salts in the root zone and sets the tree's biological clock so that flowering and pollination occurs effectively. Then our hot, dry summer with cool nights builds that perfect balance of flavour, sugar and acid in the fruit and discourages diseases and pests. Whether you want to grow for self sufficiency or for commercial income, the same considerations apply in developing and maintaining an orchard.Analyse what you really want from your orchard If you plan a commercial or semi commercial enterprise you are crazy if you don't first test for soil fertility, water quality and quantity and the physical soil characteristics as you go deeper, layer by layer into the ground; many a good tree fizzles out because it is planted over a limestone or impermeable clay layer. Getting Bureau of Meteorology rainfall and temperature data and testing for soil pH is basic information even for backyard growers. With a knowledge of the capabilities of your land you can sensibly start looking at species and varieties which will grow happily on your property. Collecting facts about the amazing, mouth-watering plants you can grow is one of the most pleasant parts of planning an orchard and many a dark and stormy night or lazy Sunday curled up by the fire can be spent reading the brilliant books available on growing fruit.

When to plant fruit trees in Australia

Without doubt citrus trees are the most popular fruit grown in home gardens. In gardens everywhere, citrus trees are delighting gardeners with fresh, tasty and vitamin packed fruity goodness. Citrus are vitamin rich, great tasting and can be picked progressively over quite a long time. Early Mandarins begin to ripen from early June with oranges grapefruit and lemons holding on until November. This winter-early spring fruiting makes citrus so valuable when other fruit is more expensive.

First free yourself from the idea that fruit trees need to be in a separate part of the garden to ornamentals.

Ten fruit trees for small gardens

Series: Agfact H2. Apart from the convenience of having fresh fruit readily available, citrus trees make their own contribution to the home garden with their shiny green foliage, pleasant-smelling blossom and attractive fruit colour. Home-grown fresh citrus fruits are nutritious to eat, or to juice for healthy and refreshing drinks.Citrus are considered subtropical but will grow in most areas of New South Wales, from the coast to the western inland and as far south as the Murray Valley. However, they will generally not grow on the tablelands, where severe frosts may damage the trees and fruit.

403 - Permission Denied

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. For example, the variegated 'Villa Franca' lemon Citrus limon , which produces variegated lemon fruit. I love it. It tastes tangy, yet refreshing. It's not as sour as a true lemon. It's favoured by chefs and produces three crops a year. Here in the subtropics, I get six - and the secret is water. That allows me to produce enough marmalade to sell at my open days to pay for my mortgage for six weeks a year!

"It is very possible to grow fruit trees indoors! But it is best to purchase the dwarf varieties (for size) and the most mature trees (faster.

Fast Growing Fruit Trees – In India

The tree has to suit the climate, the position in the garden and, most importantly, the soil. Healthy soil is imperative for good tree growth and fruit. There are other fruit tree types besides citrus and deciduous, but these are the most popular types of fruit trees planted in the southern states.

Fruit Trees Sydney

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The prime suspect in most cases is a lack of pollination. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being a lack of insect activity. Bees and other pollinators are reluctant to go on the prowl for nectar when the weather is windy, rainy or cold. During bad weather insects are more likely to be active within a sheltered garden than an exposed one.

When we talk about fruit trees Sydney, we get a wide variety. The climate allows for many sub tropical fruit tree to be successfully grown as well as those suited to cooler climates.

The Food Forest

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. There's nothing better in summer than fresh, juicy tropical fruit - especially if you've grown it yourself! No, you don't have to be a commercial grower on a beautiful Queensland plantation to reap a great harvest. It is definitely possible for you to grow your own tropical fruit, even in less-than-tropical Sydney.

The Essential List of Fruit Trees for Brisbane Backyards

The table below shows the possible fruiting months for a wide variety of fruit trees, berries and vines. Clearly, the schedule for a particular plant will depend on its variety. So, for example, whilst apple trees may have fruit at any time from February to September, Golden Delicious are typically ready to harvest in February, Granny Smith in April and Eve in June.


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